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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lauri's Progress

After went to Kindy since January 2008 until today, Lauri is improving a lot. She is now able to draw something with a theme. Her favorite is to draw an ocean complete with the boat, a fisher wearing hat and holding fishing rod. Under the water she also drew several fishes, crabs, and octopuses. Another favorite is she drew herself attending a party.

Her favorite subject is Mathematics (counting objects and write down the number), and her least favorite subject is Bahasa Melayu.

However, her teacher complaining to me that she can not pay attention very long. She was always dreaming and did not pay attention to the teacher. The result, she could not keep up with the rest of the class and I have to teach her at home. Sigh!

I am hoping that this is because she is too young (although some of her classmate are even younger than her), and later on she can control her daydreaming.

Me, myself is a dreamer. I always like to daydream and full of imagination. However, I remember that in school I always managed to pay attention and controlled my mind not to wander too much. But probably because I started school not as young as Lauri.

Tomorrow is the starting of Lauri’s half semester exam. Hopefully she can do it well.


Mimi said...

I think she is quite young yet to realize the importance of school and the rating system. I also think she's doing well having a good imagination and artistic skill ;)
I remember daydreaming a lot in elementary school too. But in high school, not anymore since it was so much fun getting along with peers.

JL said...

She is a pretty girl. It is still young at her age to focus on is a good thing that she can or rather know how to daydream in class. It is part and puzzle of growing year and my, she has great imagination.

fleur said...

Perhaps you can teach her crochet or "broderie", it will help her to fix her attention. But anyway, you also can let her dream as a little child!! :-) daydreaming is natural at her age...

Cristina said...

She will do fine :)
they do improve a lot since they go to school, mine is also very freshly open.