Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baby Booties

Look what I got from Mimi! Very cute Baby Booties.

I must tell you that it is cuter in real person than in photo. I could not take a nicer photo because my tummy is too big already, so I could not bend down or kneel down properly to get nice angle.
It is made using a very fine thread and the stitches are very even. It’s a very delicate and cute baby booties.

By the way, this booties is her own design. If you are interested to buy the pattern, you can buy the pattern in PDF file in her Etsy shop.

Thanks Mimi!


Mimi said...

Aww...nice photo, thanks Lily!
Btw, it isn't really such a fine thread, the white is the same Cannon thread you used in Dahlia. I used a small hook so it turned out small. The variegated is Anchor thread size 8, it is a bit thicker than size 10 thread...

Jackie said...

oh, it so lovely.

Annie said...

These baby booties are so cute!!