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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lauri!

Today Lauri is 3 years old. Time flies so fast.

Posed in front of the cake

Trying to show "3" using her fingers

Blowing the candles

Cutting the cake (actually it's an ice cream cake)

The earrings she wore actually not a real one. Lauri's grandparent bought a make-up play set. Inside got hairbrush, comb, hairdryer, hair-roller, eye-shadows, perfumes, and the earrings. When she saw the hairdryer, she immediately switched it on. Then when nothing happened, she said, "Mommy, no battery inside. Ask Papa to put battery so it can mmmm..... (immitated the sound of hairdryer)" Well, I was having a hard time explaining that it didn't need a battery.


Cristina said...

happy birthday to your baby, and to you also. Hope you have a nice day, and for the little not so litlle anymore, hehehehe, lots and lots of presents, here is a BIG KISS from Nicole Angelina and from South Africa! Did it get there? :)

Andra said...

Happy Birthday Lauri! Love your mom more as you grow up!

Norah said...

Happy Birthday, Lauri!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, Lauri!
...congratulations to the mommy for doing such a good job :)

Annie said...

Happy and Blessed Birthday, Lauri!

Cristina said...

I love the earings that she has! So cute :)

JL said...

Happy birthday to Lauri.