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Thursday, October 04, 2007

FO: Dahlia Top

Finally after long everdue, I managed to take the photos.

Pattern: Dahlia Top
Source: Here
Materials: Cannon Crochet Thread by Coats Manila Bay. 100% mercerized.
Size 8, 175 metres, Dye Lot No. 019496
Hook: Tulip Crochet Hook 3.5 mm (F)
Start Date: 29 June 2007
Finish Date: 7 Sept 2007

I love the result of this top. Yes, it took a long time to make (almost 3 months) but the result is worth it. It took a long time because I had to frog so many times. I think I could make almost 3 Dahlia if I didn’t have to frog.

I also love the transition between the sleeve and the body. I chose the solid motif for the body but when reach the sleeves it become lacy and transparent. All worked in the same round. I still amazed how I figured it out.

At first I thought I will use up 10 balls of thread, but in the end I only use 9. It’s because I change the sleeve a bit. Originally the belled sleeve part mimicked the dress part, but when I wore it, I found it a bit heavy. Thus, I changed with more lacy motif.

I also had difficulty with the collar, at first I used all single stitch, but the result was not nice, so I used the same motif like the body and it worked fine.
Actually the waist part a bit too tight for me. However, I frogged that part 2 times already. The third times, I don’t bother to try. Even it was still too tight, I was to lazy to frog. I am not fond of sc stitch. So I let it be. It’s cotton anyway, after used I am sure it will stretch.


Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

WOW!!! Its worth the wait...
Very pretty Lily, you do look wonderful in the colors that you choose. I love the transition from body to sleeves also.

Monique said...

Very nice indeed!

Annie said...

Fantastic job! Sweet colour!

catharina said...

i love it

JL said...

a very beautiful piece of work. way to go, lady.

MelB said...

Whoa youre a genius.. I dont think I have the confidence to crochet a whole top with such intricate stiches -well done!

mimosa said...

What a lovely , gorgeous , wonderful pattern ! Congratulations , you're vey talented !

Silvia said...

Wow! It's beautiful :)

Selvy said...

Salam kenal Lily, design nya cakep2, baru ketemu blognya dah ngiler aja nih.

Lily said...

Hi Selvy, salam kenal juga.