Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Dahlia Progress Post

One sleeve is done and another one to go. Then I realized that I didn’t have enough thread to finish this top. I need another 2 balls to be able to make this top tunic length as I plan it. I sent e-mail to Mimi for help. Guess what! She still had 2 balls of thread in the same dye lot. Thanks Mimi! I sent an e-mail a week ago, and what I got in my mail today? Yup, threads from Mimi.

In the meantime, I already started the pattern testing. I managed to write the pattern up to the waist, and thinking that it’s better for me to start the testing, while I am still working on it and still fresh in my mind. Thus by the time I finish this top, hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long before all testing is done, and I can put it on sale and move to another different project.

As usual, I give a lot of flexibility on the pattern. You can use whatever thread or yarn you have and use your favorite hook size. You measure your own gauge. Then using your own measurement and using your own gauge, you just plug in the numbers into my template to get the starting chain. Then from then, just follow the pattern. By doing this, it doesn’t matter how small or how big you are, because you make this top using your own unique measurement.

However, I just realized that not all people like to do calculation. Some people just don’t like to see numbers. So, probably I also need to provide fixed measurement and fixed gauge, just in case.

So far, all my testers have given me valuable inputs. I really appreciate all their efforts and times that they dedicate to test this pattern. You know who you are. I really thank you for that!!! BIG TIME!


Mimi said...

Yay, you're almost done, Lily...its pretty! I want one ;)

handknit168 said...

It really takes a great effort to test and write the pattern. you are perfect.

Jackie said...

Looking forward to see her.