Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wild Rose Crochet Top

Pattern: My Own
Source: NA
Materials: DMC Cebila size 10 Crochet Thread. Color: Wild Rose 6x 50 gram
Needles: 2.5 mm Tulip Crochet Hook
Total Cost: Thread USD 27.78 + Button USD.50
Start Date: 1 July 2006
Finish Date: 16 August 2006
Other entry this project: Here
Actually I finished this project last August, but I had no opportunity to take a photo. This was my first attempt to design a crochet top. I made the top part quite solid using shell pattern because I wanted to wear this without lining inside. I also did some decreasing after the bust area so it would have some shape. As you can see, the waist part is quite transparent. I was planning to weave in ribbon, but I could not find the matching color ribbon. So, in the end I left it as it is.

When I wore this out, it was noon time and the weather was very hot. However, because it had no lining, I did not feel hot. I could even feel the breeze, specially on my waist area.


handknit168 said...

your rose top is wonderful and beautiful. It is great that you can design your own knitting stuff.

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Thats a fantastic top~ Wow,your design is great! Like it alot!

Mimi said...

Lily, this is really a lovely top! This could be my inspiration to design a top, which they are expecting from me. Are you selling your designs?

Titnel Martin said...

I love your Orchidfront top and is unable to purchase same so could you assist me by making the instructions on how to do it available to me.

Lily said...

Hi Titnel Martin, I am afraid I can't understand what you mean. Can you inform me your email address?

Monique Marie Sauniere said...

Wow! I love this top! By any chance will you be selling the pattern for this? If so, I would be the first to purchase it.

bhenggay said...

Hi Lily, I love your designs.....Is the pattern not available for sale?

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

Hello. I just discovered this blogpage and your lovely crochet top! I have a question about the finishing - did you block the garment and if so, did you do it before it was assembled/sewn together, or after?
Thank you so much.
Another crochet-er
Jennifer in So. Cal.

Lily said...

Hi Jennifer, I blocked it before and also after. It is easier to sew together after the pieces already blocked. After sew the pieces together, I washed it again and just lay them flat to dry.