Saturday, December 02, 2006

Couldn't Recognize Mommy

Minggu kemarin, aku nyetelno Lauri VCD resepsi perkawinanku. Pertama dia ngeliat dengan penuh perhatian. Terus pas James muncul, dia bilang “Oooh, Papa”. Terus, dia liat ada Grandma and Grandpa, dia juga bilang “Ohhh, Bima, Bipa”.

Last week, I let Lauri watched my wedding video. At first, she watched with full attention, then when James appeared on the screen, she said “Ooooh, Papa”. Then, she also could recognize her Grandpa and her Grandma “Oohhh, Bee-pa..Bee-ma” (that is how she called her Grandpa and Grandma).

Walk with Bee-Ma in Gurney Drive in front of Gurney Plaza

Do I look like photo model if I pose like this?

How about like this?

Hi! Do you want my Autograph?

Mommy, where is my comb? My hair looks awfull

Tapi, pas aku muncul, dia diam aja. Berhubung dia diam aja, aku yang bilang “Ooohh, Mommy!”. Dia pancet diam aja. Mungkin karena aku pake make-up, dia bingung, kok nggak mirip Mommy, ya? Baru setelah aku ulang nyetel VCD itu 3 kali, baru dia ngeh kalo itu aku. Hehehehehe.

However, when I appeared on the screen, she kept quiet. Since she did not make a comment, I said “Ooooh, Mommy!” She still did not say anything. Perhaps because of the make-up and hair style I wore, she was confuse, why the lady on the screen did not look like mommy? Until I repeat the VCD three times, then she understood that it was me after all. Hehehehehe.

Senin kemarin aku mulai toilet train Lauri. Dia masih nggak ngerti sampe sekarang. Kalo dia aku dudukkan di toilet nggak mau pipis, tapi kalo diapernya udah terpasang, baru dia pipis. Tapi acara training nya agak terganggu berhubung kemarin sama hari ini, kita pergi ke Mall. Kemarin ke Gurney Mall untuk beli kosmetikku (ada sale), hari ini ke Queensbay Mall, Mall terbesar di Penang yang baru buka hari ini deket rumah.

Last Monday, I started to toilet train her. She still did not get it until now. When I put her on the toilet, she did not want to pee, but once I put on the diaper, she peed. There was some interruption on the toilet train because yesterday and today, we went to the Mall. Yesterday, we went to Gurney Mall to buy my cosmetics (one day sale), and today we went to Queensbay Mall, the biggest Mall in Penang that just opened today near my house.

Too tired to walk, so ask Bee-Pa to carry. Oh, I also got free Baloon...

Oh ya sekarang Lauri sudah isa ngancing baju sendiri lho. Pake bajunya masih nggak isa. Cuma isa masukkan tangan satu, tapi begitu mau masukkan tangan satunya dia masih nggak isa. Kadang isa masuk, tapi bajunya mluntir. Hehehehe.

Oh yeah, Lauri now already could button up her clothes by herself. She still could not wear her own blouse yet. Only could put on one sleeve, but the other sleeve, still could not. Sometimes, when she finally manage to put on, the blouse was twisted. Hehehehe.

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