Friday, November 17, 2006

Progress on The New Projects

After two weeks working on my light green/sage cardigan, I manage to finish the back. Yes, only the back. It’s very slow progress considering I only working on this project. I didn’t even touch my other projects. Well, what can I expect? The gauge is 8 sts x 10 rows in order to make 1x1 inch.

The top strand is the original, the bottom strand is after splitting it into two (because I don't want bulky cardigan)

As you can see on the photo, I put some texture on it. This is in order to keep me not to get bored with never ending stockinette. So far, I like with the result.

At first, I planned to work on the round in order to minimize the seaming job. But, after thinking about it, probably it’s not a good idea, since this is my first design, I want to know whether my measurement is correct. If I can finish the back first, at least I know whether the overall measurement is OK or not.

I also plan to try kitchener method to join the shoulder part, so I will get more polish and professional result. I hope I won’t screw it up. In order to do that, I keep all the stitches alive and just run a string through it for later.

Anyway, after I have finished the back, I directly washed and blocked it. To my satisfaction, the measurement was correct. My tension was consistent with the swatch. Furthermore, after washing, the stitches look even and nice. And it drapes nicely.

Now, it takes me 2 weeks to finish the back, so, it will takes me another 2 week to finish the front, and another 4 weeks to finish the two sleeves. Very long time.


opportunityknits said...

The waist shaping is lovely and you're right the fabric looks nice and light. I'm sure it will be very comfortable to wear

handknit168 said...

Agreed with u, I like light weight cardigan or sweater. I am now knitting a purple vest to my friend with the gauge is 7 sts x 9 rows for 1". It really takes time to complete the back and also I am a slow knitter.

Jayden's Mom said...

Hi Lily, thanks for visiting my blog :o)

Two weeks to complete the back, that's considered fast to me.... i take ages and having to take care of a kid full-time makes my knitting progress like snail-crawl :o(

Anonymous said...

It's looking really good! Can't wait to see it finished!