Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Projects

I have finished my knitted red top. However, since I don’t have my camera, I can’t take a picture of it. It will have to wait until I got my camera back. I am planning to wear it on Chinese New Year.

Since I have no other WIP on knitting, I started planning to make another one. This time, I want to design it myself. Long time ago when I worked as an assistant lecturer and had to teach in non-AC room, I used to make my own cotton dress. I learned to make pattern and sew from my mother. Then later on when I worked in a big company, wearing a home made cotton dress did not look professional.

Anyway, I think knitting should be similar like sewing, I only need to translate it into stitches. Well, I have to try to find out.

For this project, I use 100% cotton yarn called Wendy Supreme that I got from Cucumber Path UK. Once again, I split the yarn in order to yet finer yarn. I use 3.25 mm needle. It will take forever to knit this, but I want to achieve thin and not so bulky result for me to be able to wear in this country.

Beside this, I also started another lace project. Its Candle Flame Scarf. This time I use JaggerSpun Zephyr (black color). Knit in black is not such a good idea. Very difficult to see the stitch. And I use black color to make lace? What was I thinking?

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opportunityknits said...

It's going to be fun seeing your design come alive. Knitting with black is a bit difficult, but it will look good when it is done :)