Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FO: Laura

I made this pattern was because I wanted to try sideways construction. The advantage of sideways construction is that you can use up your yarn and the chance running out of yarn is almost zero. The process of designing this pattern was very fast and everything fell to place nicely. The process to write the pattern was not so smooth. Surprisingly, for such a simple and repetitive pattern, it took so much time and efforts to write and draw. Sometimes I was wondering whether it is worth the efforts.

I have these 2 skeins of yarns in Aged Wine colorway for ages. I was planning them for something else, but halfway through, I didn't like the result. So, I frogged it and planned for something else. Laura seems a perfect pattern for this yarn and colorway. Plus I have a perfect beads for it.

I planned to make the medium size, because I originally thought that 2 skeins should be enough. However, after I did part A and did some quick calculation, I found out that 2 skeins were not enough to make the medium size. So, in the end I made the small size with additional repeats of part D (total 4 times) to maximize the yarn usage.

During the making of this shawl, I was not sure whether it would look nice, and whether I should continue making it. After blocking however, the ugly ducking became a gorgeous swan. I love it. The beads adding the glamour and sparkle and now this shawl is my favorite one to use.

Pattern: Laura 
Materials: Rendezvous Classic Light 100% Merino Superwash (Aged Wine color) 
Qty: 2 x 100 gram (920 yards) 
Beads: Toho Seed Beads TR-06-32 Silver Lined Mauve 1 oz. 
Hook: 3.5 mm 
Start-Finish Date: 28 August - 26 September 2012 
Finished size: 177 cm (69.7")wide by 52 cm (20.5") deep.

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