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Monday, June 04, 2012

Gathering Leaves Shawl Using Only 1 Skein of Sock Yarn

A few months back, somebody emailed me to ask whether it is possible to make a small version of Gathering Leaves shawl. I told her that she can skip rows 10 - 39 to make it smaller but I was not sure how it would look like. At that time, I wanted to try myself to see whether the shawl still look nice skipping so many rows, however, I didn't have time to do it.

Last month, after I have done writing pattern for Saltire, I have some free time before starting another design. So, I decided to grab some yarn and make a smaller version of Gathering Leaves. To make it more challenging, I want to make this pattern using only 1 skein of sock yarn.

Fiori was having chicken pox and had to be quarantine in the room. She wanted me to accompany her all the time and didn't let me get out of the room. She let me crochet but she made sure that I didn't leave the room. So, I got plenty of crochet time and managed to finished the shawl in 2 days.

So without further ado, here is the result:

I managed to used up only 1 skein of Rendezvous Forever Sock in Sour colorway, but I had to crochet it very very very tight using 3.5 mm hook.

Pattern: Gathering Leaves
Source: Here
Materials: Rendezvous Forever Sock Yarn 75% Merino Superwash/25% Nylon (Sour color)
Qty: 1 x 100 gram (460 yards)
Needles: 3.5 mm
Start-Finish Date: 14 - 15 May 2012
Finished size: 44.5" wide by 21.25" deep
Yarn Usage:
Row 1 - 40 = used 6 gram
Row 41 - 50 = used 19 gram
Row 51 - 60 = used 34 gram
Row 61 - finished = used 41 gram

If you are interested to make this shawl, you can buy the pattern in here.
Or another option is to buy the kit.

If you buy the kit, you'll get the PDF pattern and the yarn
The pattern will be sent to your email address (or to your Ravelry's library) and the yarn will be sent to your address (please make sure to update your shipping address in Paypal). Shipping cost is FREE! Please allow 10 - 20 days to reach your hand.


Info about the yarn:
Weight: Fingering
Fibers: 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon
Yardage/Weight: approx. 463 yds / 100g
Machine washable/lay flat to dry using bleach-free detergent.
Hand wash always recommended
May bleed slightly upon first wash.

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Snowdrop said...

Hi! I enjoy your blog and patterns so much. I've just nominiated you for the Versatile Blogger award, which I'm sure you've already received, but here it is again :)