Thursday, October 06, 2011

FO: Reminiscence Shawl

I am really really happy with the result of this shawl after blocking. I think I picked the right yarn for the right pattern. The yarn really showcases the texture of the pattern well.
I wore this shawl several times already and it stays put on my shoulder without a pin because of the shape.

I decided to name this shawl Reminiscence, because during the making of this shawl, my aunty passed away. She is my mother’s big sister. She used to play with me a lot when I was a little girl and I love to spend weekend at her house. When I heard from my mother the news that she passed away in her sleep, I could not help but to reminisce the past.

Now, about the details part:

Pattern: Reminiscence
Source: here
Materials: Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash (Zarte Knospe color)
Qty: 1 x 150 gram (574 yards total).
Needles: Addi lace 3.50 mm
Start Date: 13 August 2011
Finish Date: 6 September 2011
Finished size: 163 cm (64.25") wingspan, 49 cm (19.25") depth


Unknown said...

I love the Reminiscence shawl!
I am going to start today, is a happy day.
Sou brasileira, meu conhecimento de inglês é fraco.
Daisy Kruger

Lily said...

I hope you like it. Happy knitting!