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Saturday, March 05, 2011

FO: Narnia Shawl

After showing a sneak peak of my new shawl in my last post, here is the finished shawl!


This was my first experience using worsted weight yarn to knit a shawl. I must say that I really like the result. Too bad that I don’t have enough yarn to make it bigger. I learned a few new stitches that I never did before, such as p tbl and p2tog tbl. These stitches are quite handful to do, esspecially for tight knitter like me. Luckily I used Addi lace needle with its pointed tip. Eventhough I used Addi Lace, in order to make p2tog tbl, I still needed to use the 2 steps method. The one that have to move the stitches to the right needle first and twisting it back to the left needle before p2tog.


Anyway, here are the important details:

Pattern: Narnia Shawl
Source: here
Materials: Worsted weight yarn 100% merino (2078224A18069), 100g/160 m per skein in orange colorway.
Qty: 2 x 100 gram (160 m/100 gram, 320 m total). I had about 10 m leftover.
Needles: Addi lace 4.0 mm (but I knit very tightly until my finger hurt)
Start Date: 19 Feb 2011
Finish Date: 24 Feb 2011
Finished size: About 52" wide by 24" deep

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