Friday, August 13, 2010

FO: Gathering Leaves Shawl in Malabrigo Lace

Garden path is my first experience to crochet with lace weight yarn. I found that JaggerSpun Zephyr was to thin to crochet, so I used double instead.
For my second crocheted lace shawl, I used Malabrigo lace. This time, I used single strand as I found that my swatch look OK with single strand. What I don’t like about this yarn is the thick and thin nature, and I found the yarn could not glide easily against my hook. Thus, I had to crochet slower.

But, the result…. Oh, the result is so soft, velvety and the color is very pretty. It is really worth all the trouble. Too bad I did have enough yarn. I did too many repeat, and in the end I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the edging properly. If the yarn not so difficult to frog, I would frog and do less repeat, but the yarn was a nightmare to frog. So, here it is….. ta ….da……

Gathering Leaves Shawl in Lace Weight Yarn 1

Gathering Leaves Shawl in lace weigh yarn (edging)

Pattern: Gathering Leaves Shawl
Source: Here
Materials: Malabrigo Lace. Color: Amoroso 157 (red) dye lot 22061
Qty: 2 x 50 gram (860 m/940 yards total)
Needles: Clover Hook size 3.5 (E)
Cost: USD 24
Start Date: 8 May 2010
Finish Date: 1 June 2010
Finishe size: 58" across top edge, 28" long from centre top to point

Gathering Leaves Shawl in lace weigh yarn