Friday, July 23, 2010

Run Out of Yarn....Again!!!!


I am in the middle of designing another crocheted shawl. I name this new design "Gathering Leaves". I used my lace Malabrigo (amoroso color), however, I run out of yarn and could not finish the edging properly. It is still nice but not like the pattern. So, I decided to buy another yarn, this time I bought 2 skeins of "Plucky Knitter" sock yarn in green color from detash in Ravelry (suitable with the name of the pattern: leaves = green) to give an idea how the pattern looks like if crocheted with sock yarn plus I will be able to test my own pattern. I follow the written pattern this time instead of looking at the chart.

However, I almost pulled my hair, when I found out that, again, I run out of yarn. I missed calculated, thinking that the yardage of each skein is 500 yards (it's 400 yards). Luckily I found another skein in the same color (not sure whether it will match) from somebody that detashing in Ravelry. Sooooo, I contacted her and bought her skein. I only will receive the yarn next 3 weeks. I only need to crochet another 4 rows, and now I have to wait for 3 weeks before I will be able to finish it and release the pattern. Sighhh.....

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Fernanda said...

Oh I know that frustration. :) Hang in there. If you need a test crocheter, I'm available.