Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tip to Make Neater and Nicer Picot

I love to make picot. I know some peoples find that making picot is boring and slowing down the crocheting process. Several people complain about the amount of picots that they have to make on Garden Path Shawl. I do understand their pain, because I used to hate making picot myself, until I improvised a bit.
Here what I always do whenever I have to make picot:

I found that this way, my picot prettier and more stable, plus it’s easier and faster to make. I hope you agree with me.


linda p said...

I just started your garden shawl, and it's really fun to work! Picots are tedious, but they give the piece a nice texture and I think it's okay for crochet to take some time! :) I made up a slightly different way to do the picot that still involves going back through the stitch instead of the chain and it is SO much less laborious, so thanks for the suggestion!

Mimi said...

Neat! I made picots the usual way, but I'll try this next time ;)

Diane said...

Where can I get the pattern for the Garden Shawl.

Lily said...

Diane, you can buy it here: