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Friday, March 26, 2010

This is how I keep Lauri's hair accessories

Lauri has so many hair accessories. At first I kept them in my dressing table drawer. I used empty glass container of baby foods to organize them, but they were too many that most of the time I could not really see what was inside, so in the end Lauri kept wearing the same hair accessories day after day.

A week ago, I decided to use different method. I hang several of long ribbons and just display all the accecories there according to the color (I put them inside the door of the cupboard). For the cruchies, I just tied together in the end of the ribbon. This way, I can see directly what I have without have to waste my time digging my drawer.


RosalĂ­a said...

It's a good idea!

Anonymous said...

A very good idea indeed... thanks for the tip!