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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Dahlia as Featured Pattern in Ravelry

In the beginning of this month I got an email from Mary-Heather from Ravelry. Here is what she wrote:

Hi there Lily!
I hope you are well!
Jess and I wanted to write to you because we wanted to feature your beautiful Dahlia Top pattern as the September “Jess’ and MH's Pick,” featured pattern, if you are interested.

This is a free promotional spot that Ravelry uses to highlight indie designers who are distributing patterns on Ravelry, and it appears on the main patterns page when you click on the "crochet" filter or when "knitting + crochet" (the default setting) is selected. The pattern will appear for all of September, not a half-month like the paid Featured Ads.

If you are interested, we will create the image for you using your pretty photo, and put the ad in for you and everything. We think Ravelry users will love the pattern and hope that you would like to highlight it in this spot!

Please let us know what you think! :)

Best regards,


And you know what my response was right? Of course I said YES! I AM INTERESTED. As the result you can see the my Dahlia pattern feature in the crochet pattern section.


Mimi said...

I was glad to see it Lily, congrats!
...hope I have a pattern featured too, sometime ;)

Annalea said...

That's how I found your patterns. :o) I'm so glad they did it!

Jackie said...

Congratulations Lily, well done :)

knitterPat said...

Congratulations Lily!

Susan said...

I just found your patterns from this feature spot. Can't wait to buy & try this one!