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Friday, May 22, 2009

Lauri Cut Her Finger

On last Wednesday (6 May), Lauri got a nasty cut in her finger. She used her grandma’s big and sharp scissors and accidently cut her left forefinger. The blood was everywhere and we quickly brought her to the ER.

Since she is below 10 years, it was impossible to keep her still in order to give her local anesthetic jab on the finger. She didn’t even let the doctor saw her wound. So the only choice was to give her full anestethic so the doctor was stitching the wound. It cost us about USD 600,- for total 4 stiches on her finger.

Lauri in the hospital room before the operation

On the wheel chair to go to operation room

In the recovery room

Back to the room



opportunityknits said...

Lauri is such a brave girl! Have a speedy recovery sweetheart!

Annie said...

Hi Lily, Sorry to hear that Lauri cut her finger!! She look cute while in the hospital, hehehe she still can smile!! Hope she is ok now. God bless!

Jackie said...


Lauri is a brave girl, dont worry...... hugs.

Mimi said...

Oh my, those emergency situations!...surely anyone who had kids know about it. I'm glad it was not that serious. And Lauri will surely be very careful from now on.

soknitpicky said...

Oh, no! Poor thing! It's good to see she was smilling at the end, though :-)

Cristina said...

Good to know that everything ended well.
A lot of kisses to the recovery little girl.
And some extra energy for you, that must have been a frigth.

Winnie Wong said...

Hi Lily!
I hope Lauri get better soon.... and it seems she is a very mature girl indeed.... even though she is injured, manage to be POSITIVE all the time - smiling. Good girl!

By the way, did you guys have medical insurance for her? It is handy when you needed it. As said, hospital bill cost a bomb most of the time.