Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Pillowcase Project

This is my latest creation. Yup! Another pillow case for Lauri. I had leftover material from the previous small pillowcase (also for Lauri), but not enough to make big pillowcase. Then last week I got the urge to start a patchwork project. This time I didn’t want to start a big project, so after racking my brain, I came out with this design.

Do you see the wringkles? It was because I didn't iron it. To tell you the truth, I love the wringkles. It looks soooo... cottony (if there is such word).

It took me about 3 days to make this. The longest part was to embroidery the words although that was the part I enjoyed the most. The most important is that the fact that Lauri loves it!


Jackie said...

i love it too !!

opportunityknits said...

It's such a sweet pillow case. Laurie has grown quite a bit, a little lady now :)

Anonymous said...

she's going to be a beauty !

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet.