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Monday, July 21, 2008

Wholesale Order

Last month, somebody convo me in Etsy. She asked whether I was interested in selling my patterns wholesale, as she was going to open a yarn shop. Well, I had never wholesale my pattern before. Thus, this was an interesting offer.

After looking through all discussions about selling pattern wholesale in Ravelry, I agreed to sell the pattern half price with minimum 5 copies per pattern, but they had to bear the shipping cost. Actually, selling pattern wholesale is a troublesome, since I had to do all the printing and so on. However, the thought of LYS carries my pattern excited me.

Anyway, after calculating all the cost, I didn’t have much profit left. Not to mention that the actual shipping cost was higher than my quotation.

Still, this was a good experience for me.


Mimi said...

I totally agree with you Lily, it was an interesting offer. But with the cost of printing it at home and the extra shipping cost, its not profitable. Your patterns look very professional though. And it makes you feel proud to have a LYS sell your patterns.

Annie said...

Lily, Congratulations! I feel it's ok so long as you can break even now. I'm sure in a long term, it'll benefit you. Glad for you!!