Friday, June 06, 2008

FO: Colorful Crochet Blanket

Finished this blanket 1 day before Fiori was born, but only managed to wash and block a few days ago. I used the same pattern as the Baby Green Blanket, but this time I used 4 different colors. This was my first experienced working with wool, and I think I still prefer cotton.

Pattern: Colorful Blanket (125 x 145 cm)
Source: Lets Knit Series
Materials: Knitpicks Swish DK. Color: Petal (24051) 2 x 50 gram, Skyborne (24054) 7 x 50 gram, Pale Lemon (24059) 3 x 50 gram, White (24064) 5 x 50 gram.
Hook: Tulip Crochet Hook size 8 (5 mm)
Total Cost: Yarn USD 55.93,- plus shipping USD 15.94,- Total USD 71.87
Start Date: 23 April 2008
Finish Date: 20 May 2008

I am hoping to be able to get queen sized blanket for me to snuggle at night, but it turned out still too small for me. I was so frustrated that I could not make queen sized blanket, that made me planning another blanket to make. This time I want to make using double strand cotton thread. For the design I will share with you in another post.


DesiLoop said...

Very Beautiful !

Mimi said...

I love the way you mixed up the colors, Lily...excellent job! I don't have much imagination for working with many colors.
Btw, did you get the 2k package already? I've just mailed the rest of the light blue threads, since I got it only yesterday.

Jackie said...

great mix and match colours theme.

Nik said...

how beautiful!

Annie said...

wow beautiful!!! nice colour combination!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...
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