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Sunday, April 29, 2007

OMG I am making doily!

I finished the body of my Sunshine and started the sleeve. Somehow, I got problem with the lace part of the sleeve. I ripped so many times and still could not get it right. Finally, I figured it out that I made a mistake earlier part (before I separate the body). Lucky that this is a knit project (If this is crochet, I think I will go crazy), so all I had to do was rip the lace part only and fixed the mistake. Now, everything is OK. But, the progress is very slow. I think it has to do with the magic loop technique. I tried to use 2 circulars, but somehow I develop ladder. Is there any trick to avoid ladder? I don’t develop ladder when I use magic loop technique, but it is very slow.

Anyway, the point is I got bored and I start making this:

It’s not finish, but, somehow I lost interest on it. What do you think?


JL said...

i think it is NICE.

Mimi said...

Cute doily! That could also be used as a motif for a shawl or wrap.

Andrea said...

Very pretty! Make it work.

Judy said...

Hi Lily, the Red Heart LusterSheen yarn was only $4.99. Thanks for the blog visit, and I'm looking forward to seeing your yellow top completed.