Friday, February 09, 2007

To Strengthen The Button Holes

First of all I would like to thank you for all the lovely comment on my Sage cardigan. Sorry if I could not reply to your comment because somehow some of the comment did not provide the replying email address.

I got a lot of question regarding splitting the yarn. Actually it’s not that difficult. I could split 1 balls of 100 gram (200 meter) in 2 hours. For the normal 50 gram balls yarn (100 meter), I could split within 1 hour.

Anyway, regarding my original plan to change the button, somehow I could not find any suitable bigger button to replace the current button on my sage cardigan. I decided to make the holes a bit smaller so it won’t pop out easily.

Using tapestry needle and a strand of yarn, I sew the round edge of the holes several times. This will also strengthen the holes.

As to stabilize the button, I put scrap clothes folded several times and sew it in the back of the button.

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Mimi said...

Thanks for the instructions, Lily, that is very useful when I'm brave enough to design a cardigan with buttons ;)