Saturday, August 05, 2006

No... Not Yet Finish

I still need to do the edging for my first knitting project. Since this edging need to do it in circular knitting needle, I need to buy it first. There are so many circular needle brand in the market. Actually I was tempted to buy Bryspun flexible circular needle, but I couldn't find any in ebay with reasonable shipping cost. So, in the end I bought Addi circular needle, but it's not arrived yet.

While waiting for the needle to arrive, I am working on my crochet project. It's also pink color. I don't know why I got so many pink yarn and thread.

In the meantime, yesterday I did some market reasearch on three handycraft stores in Penang. You see, I am not from Penang, so I brought my mother in law along (or more precisely, she brought me along) since she has more extensive knowlegde about these stores and even knows them personally.

I manage to buy 10 balls of cotton yarn, 1 Inox circular needle RM14 or USD 3.8, 1 pony circular needle RM 4.5 or USD 1.2 and some buttons. Actually, they also sell Japanese pattern book, but I couldn't find any book that interest me. Yes, there is 1 or 2 pattern that interesting in one book, but why have to buy the whole book?

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opportunityknits said...

That looks like a pretty little cardigan in very fine cotton thread, just great for our weather :) I would like to crochet more, but I'm not sure of the thread size to use.