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Friday, June 16, 2006

Too Many Project, Too Little Time

I got soo many project on hand and soo little time, no wonder no FO so far. I only have 1 hour or so in a day to do my project. I am starting to wonder why we have to sleep? Do you know that if we sleep 6 hour a day, it means we use up a quarter of our live to sleep and do nothing? I know.. I know... we need to sleep to recharge our energy and so on and so on.....

Hmmm.... people do crochet or knit while watching TV right? Why don't we also just do that while sleeping? Probably I should try that.

Anyway, photo shown above is another project that I am starting a while ago. Planning to make a cardigan.

1 comment:

opportunityknits said...

The white crochet looks nice and lacey for a cardigan. I also crocheted before I learnt how to knit. I just followed the Japanese books instructions, I'm sure you can learn to knit too.
By the way, I saw the Ferraggamo (I don't know how to spell it) bag you showed in a previous post. It was displayed in their Orchard rd shop. It is big, more than a foot wide and the yarn is very thick, almost like rope. You are right, it's the leather handles that make it special.