Friday, May 05, 2006

Lauri's Crochet Cardigan

My mother in law gave 2 balls of pink crochet thread to me. One was still full but the other one already used a bit. I didn't know what was the brand, but according to her it was DMC. Since only two balls was not enough to make my cardigan, I made for Lauri. The pattern was from Ondori crochet book that also belong to my MIL. Actually the pattern was for longer sleeve and body, but since I only had limited thread, I made it short.

The cute thing about this cardigan was the button. Since I could not find big button on my stash and the one that I had was small normal button, so I create big button from what I had. The result: CUTE (in my opinion).

This was the first time I crochet with DMC (if it was really DMC). The experience was so satisfying that I could not wait to crochet another project using DMC. I searched the review about this thread in the internet, and I found below review in
this site.

"Cebelia is smooth, shiny thread with a good twist, available in many colors and sizes. Most of the early 1990's Leisure Arts thread crochet patterns have photos of items worked in Cebelia, and you can see it's wonderful luster (notably lacking in the example photos taken after Leisure Arts did their deal with Southmaid). Cebelia is the most available premium thread, but still sometimes a little hard to find -- at least now Michael's carrys it in white and ecru. Cebelia comes in 30 colors, and all colors are available in sizes 10, 20 and 30. Cebelia also comes in size 40 in white and ecru, but I've only seen one place that carries it. Cebelia is the least soft of the 3 cord premium threads (it's more like a 6 cord thread in texture), but it's very shiny, and retains that shine with use and wear. It's the thread I have most of, being of excellent quality and reasonable availablity."

Probably the one that I use to crochet this cardigan was DMC Cebelia. Since I could not find Cebelia in here, I bought it from ebay and sent it to my sister in law in US. She is coming back this next week.


Sheila said...

Thanks for the crochet thread review link.

Knitcrazy said...

What a Beautiful Cardi..
I don't think that book is available in the US.. I will have to research it..
All of your work is just Fabulous.. You are a very talented designer and knitter..
You are also very Pretty and so is your Daughter!!!