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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunshine Sneak Preview

Finished my Sunshine yesterday. Directly after binding off the last stitches, I put it inside my laundry bag and throw it to the washing machine. Then I just put it flat on towel and let it dry.

I love the result. It’s very lightweight and flattering. The yarn is so soft and silky. Once I put it on, I felt very reluctant to take it off. Too bad nobody around to take picture. This weekend, my husband is going to Thailand, so I guess I have to wait until next weekend. In the meanwhile, I can writing down the pattern. Hopefully, I can put the pattern on sale next Sunday.

Here are some sneak-peek of Sunshine while blocking:

The lace pattern on the waist

The colar with one button closure

I use picot bind-off for hem and the sleeves


JL said...

Good Morning, Sunshine !

opportunityknits said...

It looks very fine gauge, what yarn did you use? Can't wait for the photos, it's going to be another beautiful sweater!

Iris G said...

Those really are "sneak peek" pictures ;-), but obviously it's a pretty sweater! The third shot looks great.